The Approach


The goal of a brand is to be compelling enough for someone to say, “Hey, I’ve gotta try this,” but also good enough to make them follow that up with, “Hey, you’ve gotta try this!”

It’s an evolving process – a continuum on which the people to whom you’re communicating your goods and services are in very different places. Many you’ve never met, and you want them to take notice and realize they have a need. Some have noticed and are considering you, weighing their options and sizing you up. Some have made the leap. They’re in, and now things mostly depend on the quality of what you’ve delivered, the level of truth in what you’ve promised and the value they realize.

Getting us to advocate for your brand takes a contract, but getting a consumer to advocate for your brand takes a commitment. And, that’s when a brand can really take off. People, by nature, want to be part of something, loyal to a cause, part of a story. It makes their life easier if they can rely on some true constants, as opposed to having to make constant choices. If your brand is real and honest in what it promises to deliver, the consumer will stick, and a brand can grow exponentially. But that takes a commitment on every side of the transaction. . .