10 signs you’re due for a new website

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Website looking a little out of date? Look to our list. 

With technology constantly evolving and customer needs always in flux, there’s a chance your once tried-and-true website is now irrelevant or ineffective. Our developers put together a list of 10 signs your site is ready for an upgrade.


1. Your site is static

If your site is still using static, table-based layouts, chances are you have to go through a developer every. single. time. you want to want to make even the smallest change. That’s annoying. Plus, this static state is probably negatively affecting the look of your site, causing it to appear a little outdated.

Or, you could have a flash-based site, in which case you could be paying an arm and a leg for updates to a site that can’t even be viewed on phones or iPads. Either way, these static design solutions aren’t conducive to adding profits or customers.

WordPress is a solid, universally used alternative that includes preexisting tools and plugins and allows for user-friendly updates.


 2. Your outdated CMS is costing you time and money

If you’re using a pre-WordPress content management system (CMS), it’s going to be harder to find online support, leaving you to try and troubleshoot problems yourself. Not to mention, updates on old systems with outdated programming language can be expensive.

Word of advice: avoid “custom” CMS systems, as they can leave you at the mercy of their provider when it comes time for you to make updates. Instead, opt for a system that’s user-friendly and easy for YOU to update.


3. Pinch. Zoom. Pinch. Zoom. Repeat …

If your website is hard to navigate or read on mobile devices – if visitors have to keep zooming in to get where they want to go or have trouble finding what they need quickly and easily – you’re going to drive away a significant percentage of otherwise-interested customers.

The best solution? A responsive site that allows your website to adjust to a variety of mobile platforms, or even a mobile app if it better suits your customers’ needs.


4. It’s out of style

Does the stock photography on your site feature models with shoulder pads and bad perms? Have you been using the same colors and typefaces for the better part of a decade? If your site is out of style, visitors could very well assume your services are too.


5. Your messaging no longer represents who you are

Your business is always evolving and growing, and your website messaging should change along with it. If your web copy doesn’t accurately reflect who you are today, it’s time for a refresh. Now would be a good time to simplify messaging and strengthen your call to action as well.


6. It isn’t social

Now more than ever, an active social media presence is important – for building trust with your customers, and for growing or establishing your place within your industry. If your website isn’t connected to social media in a strategic, easy-to-update manner, you risk falling behind competitors who are more plugged in.


7. Your blog is gathering cobwebs 

If the last article or bit of company news you posted dates back to 2010, it’s time for a blog intervention. Finding the time and resources to keep up with a platform that needs to stay fresh can be difficult. Some alternatives include pulling your blog until you’re ready to commit – or outsourcing your content strategy and maintenance to a third party.


8. There’s no HTML on your homepage 

Oftentimes, older websites don’t utilize HTML (a now universally used language for tagging text files on a site). This lack of proper coding can cripple your search engine optimization str, which can in turn hurt your visibility in web searches. Rich, strategically written content, combined with the proper use of HTML tags, can boost your web presence in a major way.


9. Your URL isn’t working

This problem may not call for an entire overhaul of your site, but it’s a problem nonetheless. Maybe your top-level domain doesn’t match the purpose of your website (for example, you’re a commercial business, but you’re using .org instead of .com). Or maybe your current web address is hard to spell or pronounce over the phone.

Either way, a misguided URL can keep visitors away from your site, and a variety of fixes – like simplifying your URL or purchasing common misspellings – can help you capture as much traffic as possible.


10. Your site is hurting your business more than its helping 

Finally, if you dread giving out your URL or handing out business cards, afraid your online presence will counteract the hard work you’ve put into selling your business, you’re definitely due for a new website. Your site should be a helpful tool that buoys your company and boosts your credibility. And it should be able to stand alone, selling your business without an accompanying verbal pitch.

After all, people associate the quality of your business with the quality of your online presence. It’s vital that your website measures up.


So, now what?

If any or all of these ring true, give us a call. We’re pros at turning lackluster sites into beautifully designed, well-oiled machines that can bring your business the attention it deserves.

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