Designing new websites for two revolutionary products

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Designing new websites for two revolutionary products.

One of the most exciting aspects of the work we do is getting to collaborate with clients who have invented groundbreaking, life-changing and undeniably interesting products. We recently had the chance to design new websites for two such clients: Glenn Valley Foods and Walker Water, LLC.

The Glenn Valley Foods website

Glenn Valley Foods got its start selling delicious, easy-to-prepare Quick Release Philly Steaks to the food service industry under the Gary’s QuickSteak label. Their product revolutionized the way quick service restaurants prepare and serve food, and soon the brand expanded into other product areas – adding fast-cooking chicken and pork products too. These days, Glenn Valley sells to restaurants, grocery stores and directly to consumers, and they needed a website that would facilitate these sales, speak directly to each unique audience, provide helpful resources and more.

We worked closely with the Glenn Valley team to outline their needs and design a site that delivered. Our strategy included:

  • Merging the Gary’s QuickSteak website with the broader Glenn Valley Foods site in order to create a cohesive retail experience.
  • Adding a store locator for retail customers.
  • Updating the design with a responsive layout to accommodate mobile visitors.
  • Creating a new look that appeals to all three audiences simultaneously, while adding customized messaging that speaks to each type of customer based on their unique needs.

We’re also working on incorporating e-commerce capabilities, giving customers the ability to purchase products directly from the website.

The O-Z Tech Water website

It’s not every day you get to help market an invention that brings scientific genius to the masses. Walker Water’s O-Z Tech Water is a hard-surface sanitizing system that uses water to generate a triatomic oxygen solution called aqueous ozone. The resulting solution is more powerful than chlorine bleach, provides antimicrobial control – and is as a safe as tap water. O-Z Tech Water’s inventors knew their product would be perfect for commercial cleaning applications, but they needed a website that could educate potential buyers and tout the system’s clear benefits (pun totally intended).

Here at Turnpost, we knew this was an opportunity to let the product shine. We created a product-focused website dedicated to explaining the science behind O-Z Tech Water in an engaging, understandable way. Features include:

  • Navigation designed to accommodate the specific user experience of commercial sanitation buyers – in which education is key and applications are clearly explained
  • Simple messaging and engaging, custom-designed graphics that explain how O-Z Tech Water works and why it’s different
  • Powerful testimonials from real-life customers

We’re honored to be a part of promoting these game-changing solutions and watching them succeed.

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