The perks of a responsive website

 In General

Let’s start by stating the obvious: these days, very few people are viewing your website exclusively from a regular desktop computer. Chances are many of your customers or potential customers are viewing it from a mobile phone, a tablet or a large monitor. And as mobile browsers continue to evolve and improve, visits to your site from these devices will continue to grow.

The old solution.
Back in the day (which wasn’t so long ago), the solution for reaching customers on these platforms was to build two or more websites. One for desktops, one for phones, and so on. But this mode can confuse search engines, hurting your SEO, it lends itself to an inconsistent experience – and it can mean a significant increase in cost when it comes to production and maintenance.

Why responsive is better.
To combat the issues mentioned above, we typically recommend a responsive site for clients looking to expand or improve their accessibility on non-desktop devices. This means one site that responds to the different devices it’s viewed on. Here’s why:

  1. Better usability for everyone.
    No matter what device a visitor is using, they’ll get a better user experience. No pinching and expanding to read copy or sorting through miniscule menus. Instead, a responsive site is intuitively designed and easy to interact with. And a better user experience can ultimately mean increased traffic and sales.
  2. You’ll only have to publish your content once.
    It’s more efficient and cost-effective to manage your web content from one place, as opposed to publishing it to several different sites every time you make an update.
  3. It will help keep your website lean and focused.
    Placing a greater emphasis on mobile users during the design process can help keep your website clean and useful, as designers have to incorporate reduced screen space into their design strategy. A lean website is faster, less overwhelming and easier to navigate. (Here’s a tool to see what your current website would look like as a responsive site.)

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