Print Collateral

Print is alive and well.

Businesses are printing less, but the impact of print in an overall strategy is statistically increasing in effectiveness. A great print piece can deliver and redeliver impressions like little else.

West Corporation

West Corporation is a communications provider across multiple tech industries. In an overall brand consolidation strategy, leadership wanted a way to illustrate their commitment to one brand. With the overhaul of the entire marketing and communications platform, we developed a premium print campaign to “put the plan in writing” literally. Premium print and incentive items became foundational to reconnecting with their internal and external clients.

Elliott Equipment

Elliott Equipment Company is an industry leader in manufacturing high reach equipment. In addition to a comprehensive distributor, dealer, customer Website, we were engaged to create “auto-maker” quality print materials to be used at trade and industry events. The print system had a direct impact on traffic to the Website where a robust conversion strategy was in place for every audience Elliott serves.

Northstar Foundation

NorthStar Foundation, like any non-profit, has to be good stewards of their donor dollars. They’ve combined their annual reporting efforts with their marketing efforts to create one book that serves both as financial milestone reporting as well as continuing to engage the community to educate on the great things they do for challenged youth in Omaha. Turnpost has been part of the NorthStar story since the beginning, and we are deeply proud to be involved with the work they do.

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