One third of consumer decision making is based on packaging.

So, we do judge books by their covers. But, if you believe your brand story is worth telling, then investing in great packaging is the way to go.

Soldier Valley Spirits

Patriarch Distillers, a La Visa, Nebraska-based distillery specializing in bourbon, whiskey, vodka, and rum, needed a packaging design partner who could translate the company’s patriotic brand to its bottle labels. At Turnpost, our design team channeled our extensive packaging experience to create a series of WWII-inspired labels that capture the look and feel of the WWII era and embody the strength of the Patriarch brand. The result is a series of history-rich labels that stand out on store shelves and add valuable continuity to the Patriarch line of products and overarching brand.

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Nebraska Brewing Company Hard Seltzer

Nebraska Brewing Company is a regional craft brewing leader, an unmatched innovator, and a long-time Turnpost Partner. When the brewery decided to get into the seltzer game, we were excited to lend a hand by designing cans for their new endeavor. These sleek, silver cans are a departure from the more vivid packaging we’ve designed for NBC’s beer selection. Instead, they let the fruit flavors shine, providing the perfect backdrop for the seltzer’s fruity aromatics and refreshing taste.

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Owner’s Pride Auto Care Products

Owner’s Pride is an award winning car detailing company — the standard-setting, go-to detailer for car owners throughout the Omaha region. In addition to designing the Owner’s Pride website, the Turnpost team had the privilege of designing packaging for the company’s line of professional-grade detailing products. The new packaging designs feature holographic lettering and other eye-catching features that reflect the clean, shiny effect the products provide.

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Sentry Pet Calming Products

Sentry Pet Care was looking for a packaging design partner to create a series of unified designs for their suite of calming products for dogs and cats. Working closely with the client on strategy, the Turnpost team developed a design system that adapts to a variety of products and substrates, while creating a unified look and feel for this premium suite of products.


Quilting is cool! And, believe it or not, quilters are savvy, and embrace technology and innovation. Accuquilt and Turnpost executed extensive market research to identify target audiences and channels for their innovative cutting tools. We have built marketing assets and content for all of their products. Also, packaging and promotional materials.


Prince Global Sports had slumped, and was purchased out of bankruptcy. Our job was to de-clutter the brand, remove it from Walmart, restore it to premier racqueteers and pro clubs, and return the brand to their former glory. Prince was the leading innovator through the 70s and 80s, but got off track in the 90s and 2000s. They had supply chain issues and had slipped to #5 in tennis brands. With a new investment in R&D, a brand overhaul from top to bottom, and a concerted effort to do regional sales, they are on the comeback. We provided campaign content, industrial design, product cosmetics, packaging and brand strategy.


Ektelon is part of a sport that is trying to stay relevant. They were the pioneer in racquetball, but the inaccessability of courts and opportunities to play has become a challenge. With a reboot of the brand, a consolidation of marketing assets, and a clean approach, they are extending their reach into other areas including outdoor racquetball, pickleball, squash, platform tennis, etc.

Nebraska Brewing Company

Nebraska Brewing Company has become one of the most recognized craft breweries in the state, as well as winning major national awards. Their distribution has reached throughout the Midwest, and they are leading the charge to “can” beer, as it is proven a better method of preserving craft beer. We have developed their brand and all of the packaging and promotional materials associated with it. Including all craft breweries we’ve worked with, we have developed over 50 individual labels, 5 of which have gone on to win national recognition.

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