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Honoring U.S. Veterans with premium spirits


La Vista, Nebraska-based Patriarch Distillers was looking for a packaging design partner who could produce bottle labels that would stand out and get noticed, while staying true to the distillery’s patriotic, history-rich brand.


After meeting with the Patriarch Distillers team, and learning more about their brand, values and mission, our design team chose to utilize WWII-era imagery to honor the Patriarch family members’ history of military service. Our illustrations feature WWII-era vehicles, including a tank, a bomber, and a ship. Like the era’s glass canteen bottles, labels feature subtle coloration, with hues inspired by WWII vehicles and uniform colors. The bottles’ custom dog tags promote the distillery’s collaboration with singer Lee Greenwood.


The finished labels and design provide a premium look that reflects Patriarch Distillers’ premium products. The colors and illustrations offer brand continuity, a more engaging shelf presence, and allow the Patriarch family of products to be more easily identifiable.

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