Nebraska Brewing Company Hard Seltzer

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The seltzer trend was already on the rise when the Covid 19 pandemic kicked it into high gear. More people were enjoying drinks at home, and more people wanted hard seltzer. This increase in demand prompted Nebraska Brewing Company – the Omaha-based craft beer leader – to think critically. The brewery was set up to develop, can and label a seltzer, so what was stopping them? The Nebraska Brewing team tapped Turnpost, a longtime partner, to design a can with shelf presence. Something that would stand out in the crowded seltzer market.


Already well-versed in packaging trends and the Nebraska Brewing Company brand, Turnpost chose to design an eye-catching can that focuses on the range of seltzer flavors the company offers. Engaging fruit illustrations provide an easy indicator of flavor profiles, allowing for quick visual sorting of the flavors despite limited shelf space. The sleek, silver cans feature a decidedly feminine look, while remaining appealing to a broad range of customers.


We accomplished our goal of creating a can that stands out in a sea of hard seltzers – sales and reviews of Nebraska Brewing’s seltzer option have been favorable.

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Nebraska Brewing Company Hard Seltzer
Nebraska Brewing Company Hard Seltzer
Nebraska Brewing Company Hard Seltzer 12 pack Case
Nebraska Brewing Company Fruit Illustrations
Nebraska Brewing Company Hard Seltzer coaster
Nebraska Brewing Company Hard Seltzer Grapefruit label

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