Centris Federal Credit Union

Headquarters Environmental Graphics


Centris Federal Credit Union, a financial fixture in Omaha since 1934, was in the midst of construction on its new headquarters located at Sterling Ridge. The building, designed by the architects at Holland Basham, was a beautiful reflection of the credit union’s vision and growth. Centris leadership desired an interior environment that reflected this same theme. Turnpost was asked to take the new interior and amplify it with environmental graphics and treatments in order to represent the Centris mission and core values – and establish a distinct look that speaks to both internal and external audiences.


Drawing on the enduring Centris brand that we had the honor of building more than 20 years ago, and collaborating with the architects and designers at Holland Basham, the construction team, the creative minds at Renz Display, as well as the Centris team, Turnpost developed a series of stunning, on-brand environmental graphics for the employee- and member-facing floors of the new building. We sought to complement the geometric aesthetics that Holland Basham had incorporated into their design, while using photography, illustration and text-driven installations to empower employees, engage members, and communicate the credit union’s unique identity.


Collaboration and a thoughtful design process led to a finished result that has impressed members on the building’s first floor and has given Centris employees a renewed sense of pride and purpose.


Centris HQ Executive Suite

“Turnpost listened to our needs from day one. Their focus on collaboration led to an incredibly creative and unique interior experience. The entire team was an absolute dream to work with and a true partner. I’m amazed at how quickly the team engaged in the project, assessed the scope of work and brought our vision for each space to life. Turnpost produced lasting, amazing results in record time that welcomes our employees and members each day.”

Ann Helm, Executive Vice President, Centris Federal Credit

Centris HQ Lobby
Centris HQ History Wall
Centris HQ Kids Zone
Centris HQ REception
Centris HQ Collab Space
Centris HQ Public Space
Centris HQ Phone Booth
Centris HQ HR Interview Room
Centris HQ Exterior

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