Video & Motion

85% of the U.S. Internet audience watches video online.

Video and motion content is one of the fastest growing segments of our business. A well done :30 can mean the beginning of a client relationship.

Artifact Bag Co.

Not much is handmade these days. But, there is a growing community of quality makers out there who deeply believe in their craft and what it means to the way we use and consume goods. Artifact Bag Company is finding their way into some remarkable channels, and their story is a big part of it.

Union Pacific

Union Pacific has nearly 50,000 employees nationwide. Turnpost has been engaged to create video content for corporate communications in a number of areas to be used in education and training. This content has found it’s way into many of their public education efforts to engage the communities they serve.

Cal Auto Creations

Cal Auto Creations engaged Turnpost to video document the frame-up, resto-mod of a 1940 Ford. The “Checkered Past” hot rod went on the win the 2013 Ridler Award, and Cal Auto has become an industry leader and go-to resource in building custom automobiles.

Granite Transformations

Granite Transformations parent company, Trend Group, engaged Turnpost to create a series of franchise supporting videos to connect franchise owners with their customers through a story of community and a commitment to quality. Videos were created for franchise owners nationwide and featured online interviews and install success stories.


CSG has been part of the converging communications story since the 80s. This video and motion piece was developed to tell the story of four decades of communications and technology innovation in a light and fun context.

Omaha Car Care

OCC engaged Turnpost as part of an overall brand strategy to transition from House of Mufflers and Brakes to Omaha Car Care. The local ownership and commitment to community was a driving factor in the name change as well as a priority of all marketing and communications going forward.

Valmont Tubing

Valmont embodies massive manufacturing for a global market, but it’s their commitment to quality and craftsmanship at the ground level that makes them a leader in the business. Turnpost created a series of videos showcasing the genuine and human nature of manufacturing their products.

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