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As one of the largest Class I railroads in the country, Union Pacific boasts a staff of nearly 50,000 employees – constituents spread throughout North America and across a broad spectrum of roles, from engineers and electricians in the field to training professionals and corporate staff. Their ongoing challenge and commitment is to communicate with all Union Pacific employees, sharing time-sensitive news and important updates, on a daily basis.


We worked with UP to craft a series of corp comm initiatives aimed at delivering engaging and informative messages to employees through the use of motion graphics, video, infographics, recognition programs, grassroots outreach and more. With every piece of communication, our goal was to ensure the message was heard, understood and put into practice.


As the result of these initiatives, UP leadership has experienced increased employee engagement, as well as individual successes that bear an even more consequential impact. In one case, our strategy for helping UP employees to understand the importance of railroad safety led to a highly effective peer-to-peer pledge program. Within a year of implementing our “Courage to Care” program, Union Pacific went from having an unacceptably high incident rate to being the safest railroad in the country  a title it has now held for three years and counting.


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