Owner’s Pride

Professional Auto Care System


In the auto care industry, the history and experience of Owner’s Pride is well known and unmatched. The Turnpost team was asked to create a new Owner’s Pride website, as well as designing packaging for the company’s professional-grade detailing products.


In order to highlight the sleek, shiny effect Owner’s Pride products provide, we designed packaging with eye-catching holographic lettering. For the new Owner’s Pride website, we created a design that showcases the company’s capabilities.


For both the packaging and website, the new designs highlighted product benefits in a visually appealing, creative way, while delivering brand continuity and raising brand awareness.

Identity / Packaging / Website

Owner's Pride Auto Care packaging
Owner's Pride Auto Care Icon Set
Owner's Pride Logo Rebuild
Owner's Pride Auto Care Grid of Images
Owner's Pride Auto Care Detailers Kit
Owner's Pride Auto Care Website
Owner's Pride Auto Care Packaging Line-up

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