CQuence Health

Shaping the Future of Healthcare

CQuence Health and Cassling are two companies working to improve healthcare access and outcomes nationwide. They partnered with Turnpost to create updated brand identities and environmental graphics for their new headquarters that reflect their role in the industry and their positive impact on patients’ lives.

The CQuence Brand

With an updated color palette, a new modern typeface, and a wordmark that combines the C and Q to make an infinity symbol, CQuence Health’s brand now radiates its commitment to serving the healthcare community.

CQuence Health Logo Identity
CQuence Health Branded Elements
The Cassling Brand

The halo of color in the logo references Cassling’s role in imaging technology and the continuous nature of their work in the evolving healthcare industry. The visual brand conveys Cassling’s relentless passion for strengthening community healthcare.

Cassling Logo
Environmental Design

Dynamic environmental graphics create an experience at the headquarters that welcomes and informs visitors and promotes unity and purpose among employees.

CQuence Health Environmental - Lenticular Wall
CQuence Health Environmental - Lenticular Wall
CQuence Health Environmental - Internal Posters
CQuence Health Environmental - REception
CQuence Health Environmental - Training Room
CQuence Health Environmental - Training Exterior
CQuence Health Environmental - Lives Touched Walls
CQuence Health Environmental - Hallway
CQuence Health Environmental - Hallway
CQuence Zintra Wall
CQuence Health Environmental - Map Wall

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