Meet in Marshalltown

Bilingual Tourism Branding Campaign

Marshalltown is a vibrant community of 30,000 people in North Central Iowa. Turnpost worked with Marshalltown to create an updated brand identity that would entice new visitors to experience the town and promote a sense of community pride internally. The bilingual tourism brand reflects Marshalltown’s rich diversity of residents and cultures and is the first of its kind in the state of Iowa. The bright color palette represents Marshalltown’s eclectic nature, as visitors experience a variety of authentic cultural events, art, and local businesses.

Nos Vemos En Marshalltown - Featured Image
Marshalltown Brand and Color Palette
Meet in Marshalltown Horizontal Color Ways
Meet in Marshalltown - Badge Colorways
Marshalltown Brand Elements
Marshalltown Happenings
Marshalltown Public Art
Marshalltown City Murals
Marshalltown Mobile Website
Marshalltown Brand Pattern

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