Little King

New Store Signage and Environmental Graphics


We had the honor of partnering with Lockwood Development to provide environmental design services for the company’s new Little King location at 86th and Dodge. Our contributions included branded environmental graphics, exterior murals, graphics on exterior windows as well as sandwich line glass, digital menu redesign, new packaging, and more.


In order to elevate the Little King brand and introduce it to a new generation of diners, our strategy included creating environmental graphics that update the brand while connecting with its rich, nostalgic past. We also designed digital menu boards, engaging signage and eye-catching murals that can easily be seen from nearby roadways and put the brand front and center.


The result – produced in collaboration with talented local architects, sign companies and muralists – is an engaging, welcoming atmosphere paired with branded visuals that create a cohesive customer experience.


Little King 86th and Dodge Street Store
Little King 86th and Dodge Street Mural
Little King 86th and Dodge Street Store Drive-Thru
Little King 86th and Dodge Street Store Bulkhead Graphics
Little King 86th and Dodge Street Store Glass Graphics
Little King Digital Menu Boards
Little King 86th and Dodge Street door, hallway and bathroom graphics

Photos by Jay Davis

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