Wahoo Distillery

Branding a new distillery from the ground up


Wahoo Distillery began with a fortuitous find: Graham Rupe’s discovery of an antique still in the attic of his childhood home. It had belonged to his ancestors, who immigrated to Nebraska from Germany, bringing with them their in-depth knowledge of wine making and spirits distillation. Graham used this discovery as the inspiration to open Wahoo Distillery – and he knew he needed a brand that matched the rich history behind his company.

He came to Turnpost in need of a look and feel for his brand (from packaging to print materials), as well as a website that would convey Wahoo Distillery’s story in an engaging, informative way.


Drawing on the story and spirit behind Wahoo Distillery, Turnpost developed a brand that represents its heritage, its home (Wahoo, Nebraska), and its commitment to premium craftsmanship. Deep reds and blues provide a timeless look, while more modern iconography speak to the brand’s forward-thinking approach to distillation. The end result includes packaging that stays true to the brand’s ethos and sets Wahoo apart on store shelves.

The company’s website, designed and written by Turnpost, brings the brand to life – combining branded design, video, and engaging content that informs visitors about Wahoo Distillery’s unique history, process, and flavors, and invites them to come visit the distillery in person.


Wahoo Distillery’s “Original Wahoo Whiskey” – featuring Tunrpost-branded packaging – is already available on store shelves, locally and nationally, and sales have been strong. Client feedback has been extremely positive, praising our work on the brand’s logo, labels, website, and more.


Wahoo Distillery Wahoo Whiskey Bottles on counter
Wahoo Distillery Wahoo Whiskey Bottle details
Wahoo Distillery bottle and identity
Wahoo Distillery Wahoo Whiskey Bottle design details
Wahoo Distillery website

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