Nebraska Brewing Company

Crafting a brand for award-winning brews


After crafting nearly 50 individual labels and craft beer brands, you could say that beer is a topic near and dear to our hearts. So, when a local corporate exec decided to make his longtime dream of opening a craft brewery a reality, we jumped at the chance to help him build his brand from the ground, up.


Our strategy has involved portraying Nebraska Brewing Company as the innovator, educator and award-winning brewer it is – designing cans and collateral that grow with the company, evolve with their advancements (like their popular wide-mouth cans), and reflect their mission to reeducate the industry on what it means to push the beer-brewing envelope.


After taking the local craft beer market by storm, Nebraska Brewing has won over the rest of the world, distributing beer to nearly every U.S. state, as well as several foreign countries.

Campaign / Identity / Packaging / Print / Video

Nebraska Brewing Company - Tap Design

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