Battle Sports

Stepping it up for one of the biggest names in sports safety.


Battle Sports Science began with a single product: an innovative mouth guard that took the sports safety industry by storm. This success led to the development of an entire line of protective and performance gear, which has led to more success – and more products in development.


Building a brand for the youth consumer base is a delicate process happening at a breakneck pace. What’s cool today is gone tomorrow. Battle is committed to retaining scientific innovation, solid R&D, and quality as the foundation of their products. They listen to their athletes at a grassroots level, ensuring the continued credibility of their brand.


Battle is now the fastest growing brand in both football and sports safety equipment and the influencer of the moment, setting trends across the entire industry. They’re still moving at lightning speed. And, they have a brand that can keep up.

Campaign / Environmental / Identity / Packaging / Print / Web

  • Turnpost has played a critical role in developing the Battle brand. In three short years, we have become the fastest growing brand in football, and are going head-to-head with the Big Three. This industry moves at a break-neck pace, and we’ve needed a partner who can think on the run, and bring fresh new ideas to the drawing board, while keeping us consistent and true to our brand.

    Chris Circo, Founder, CEO, COO Battle Sports

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