Omaha Car Care

Getting under the hood of a local car care company.


It’s easy to assume that any company looking to be bigger wants to look bigger. But, in the case of Omaha Car Care, the nearly 50-year-old auto shop sought to grow by going local. With its previous name no longer relevant to its services, the owner wanted to rebrand, refocus and reconnect with local customers.


Turnpost built a new brand platform that better reflects the story, personality and objective of the company, positioning Omaha Car Care as a full-service shop dedicated to the needs of its neighbors – from long-time customers to younger drivers looking for a local auto partner.


Since the launch of the new brand, Omaha Car Care’s business has grown, successfully expanding into new markets and reaching new local audiences.

Campaign / Environmental / Identity / Video

Omaha Car Care - New Logo
Omaha Car Care - Car Wrap Design
Omaha Car Car - Brand Tagline

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