Quilting is for everyone – no really!


AccuQuilt’s revolutionary products let quilters quilt faster and more efficiently – resulting in a more enjoyable process and truly breathtaking results. Armed with its groundbreaking fabric cutter and unique quilting dies, AccuQuilt set out to bring quilting to the masses.


Our first step was to help them build an engaging, energetic brand focused on dispelling the notion that quilting is an archaic art. We positioned the brand as tech-savvy, fresh and approachable; an industry leader dedicated to making quilting easier. A partner committed to listening to the needs of the quilting community and delivering unmatched technology.


With each new invention and accessory offered, AccuQuilt continues to solidify its unprecedented place in the market – pleasing quilting experts and adding new devotees every single day.

Branding / Packaging / Campaign

Accuquilt - Quilt Rack
AccuQuilt - Go! Cube
Accuquilt - Fullpage Ad
Accuquilt - Ready. Set. Go!
Accuquilt - Ads
Accuquilt - Website
Accuquilt - Quilt Stack
Accuquilt - Mix and Match

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