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The modern workspace is changing. As startups continue to pop up and the demand for contract workers increases, the need for flexible co-working spaces is on the rise. Eager to fill this need and join the resurgence of Omaha’s downtown neighborhoods, the founders of Commerce Village created a space in the historic, newly renovated Rail & Commerce building. They had a vision for their new co-working space, but they needed a brand that would attract the city’s entrepreneurial up-and-comers.


Turnpost went to work on the Commerce Village identity, creating a look that blends the historic significance of its location with the modern amenities it offers. With every piece of design and messaging, our goal was to educate, engage, and, most importantly, invite.


The response to the new space was overwhelming and memberships filled up fast. It’s now the gem of South 10th Street and an in-demand entity on the cultural edge of town.

Campaign / Environmental / Identity / Web

Commerce Village Omaha - Logo Design
Rail and Commerce Building Logo
Commerce Village Omaha Website
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