Green Plains

An unorthodox interior for an unconventional company.


The commodities market is risky and volatile. The work environment is high energy. And those who venture to succeed have to be aggressively innovative. Green Plains, an Omaha-based ethanol production, marketing and commodities company, is all of these things and then some. They had the right people, the right strategy, and the frenetic culture of a coastal competitor, but they needed an environment to match – an office space conducive to creativity.


On cues from leadership and an understanding of the company’s culture, we created environmental graphics that are as provocative as they are abstract. Each installation is meant to energize, inspire and engage.


Green Plains is another example of how design, both architecturally and environmentally, can have a monumental influence on culture and productivity.


We are only limited by creativity and the size of a sheet of acrylic.

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